One Environment

One Environment is an environmental hybrid movement that integrates education, advocacy, activism to promote environmental harmony and sustainability. One Environment is organized by ENACOF.  Through art exhibitions, community based outreach programs, mentoring and sustainable action implements, One Environment has impacted and demonstrated the actionable character of environmental sustainability. One Environment was founded in 2016 and the platform organising or supporting many events such as: One Environment Hybrid 2016 and 2017 – conference, round tables and workshops – the events were organised in collaboration with EU Diplomacy Week, 5000 Planting Tree Projects in Abuja, Earth Day activities, several Clean Ups, debates and discussions with students, experts but also governement authorities.

Consumption by Moonligth

Consumption by Moonlight is an event that holds every full moon of every month in Abuja, currently in British Council garden, founded and hosted by Environmental Artist Ifesinachi Nwanyanwu. The concept is based on the traditional African moonlight stories telling and performing on various field of art disciplines from theatre through art exhibitions to cultural exchange. At the initial stage, moonlight session had been always held during the full moon night. As one of the goals was to promote the usage of natural sources of light and enjoy the art exhibitions in the colours of  night. Later the concept was changed and the event takes place every last weekend in the month. During the cultural program, such as performance of the trabal customs or reciting poetry, the audience have always the chance to became the part of the program and perfom with their own skills. Recently, the Consumption by Moonlight introduced the PechaKucha show since Mr. Ifesinachi Nwanyanwu has the licence to host this event in Abuja.

Workshops for Students

Ifesinachi Comedy Nwanyanwu offers workshops focused on sustainable developement and environmental art for students from various schools around the world but also for artists and public adults who would like to find out more about the upcyckling or specific art technics. His program focused on turning plastic bottles to the flowers became very popular and many children from primary and nursery schools in Abuja attended it. He was involved in workshops for youth from orphanages where he teached them how to turn waste to the apply artworks to give them skills at the beginning of their life outside the orphanage. He is providing also workshops of classical craft like pottery making or batik and art classes for children. Ifesinachi held his workshops also in UK, China and South Africa.

ENACOF (Environmental Art Collective Foundation)

Environmental Art Collective Foundation (ENACOF), a non-for-profit policy direction institution on Environmental sustainability based in Nigeria, Africa. With affiliates from many countries and organizations around the world, using art and innovation to tackle the myriad  of environmental abuses, and inspire solutions toward a secure healthy environment.  Through art exhibitions, community based outreach programs, mentoring and sustainable action implements, ENACOF has impacted and demonstrated the actionable character of environmental sustainability. Besides other activities, ENACOF also participated on constructing of a grasscutter farm in IDP camp in Edo State with the sponsorship of the Embassy of the Czech Republic. Founded in 2016 by Ifesinachi Comedy Nwanyanwu, ENACOF have successfully mobilized a movement of people dedicated to Environmental Harmony. 

House 33

House 33 is a cultural space established to present art and ideas that promote environmental sustainability. It’s a joint venture founded by Ifesinachi Comedy Nwanyanwu and Uzodinma Iweala. House 33 is building a community of cultural practitioners and enthusiasts that share the vision of sustainable practice. House 33 programmes exhibitions, workshops, film screenings and artist talks, as well as residencies for local and international artists, including writers, photographers and thinkers. The activities aim to encourage public interest in environmental sustainability, promoting dialogue and discussion. House 33 is the gallery itself transformed to an artwork by Ifesinachi Nwanyanwu who is also the curator. Co-founder of House 33 Uzodinma Iweala is a Harvard trained medical doctor and author of bestselling novel ‘Beast of No Nation’ recently adapted into a movie.