About me

Ifesinachi Comedy Nwanyanwu is an award winning self taught visual artist, poet, philosopher, environmental activist and Nigeria cultural Ambassador. 

Born on 2nd June 1975, he grew up in the native environment of  Nigeria’s premier university,  the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

His works are exploratory, mostly using waste and found objects to create conversational art pieces modelling labyrinthine creative growth that intervolve socio-political texture and spirituality. 

He is a recipient of Nigeria Dream Personality Award 2016, Panelist at Harvard Kennedy School, Africa Development Conference 2019. Recipient of International Public Art Academic Series Activities, Shanghai Academy of Fine Art 2017 and 2018. Guest Artist, British Science Week, London 2017. Czech Radio Cover Design, Prague 2017. British Council Maker Liberian, Cape Town 2016. Photo-Culture Exchange, Geneva 2014. He is the founding Executive Director of Environmental Art Collective Foundation and Curator of One Environment. 

His new works are a culmination of years of research and working with soda cans, giving birth to a new phenomenon he calls “Liquid Metal” and “Sculpted Liquid”, smelting soda cans to create monumental installations that enkindle entirety. 

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, he is currently working on a public art installation scheduled to open in Prague during summer 2020. The work focuses on citizen participation in shared challenges and triumphs.    

He works and lives between Abuja and Prague. 

Founding member of Environmental Art Collective Foundation (ENACOF)

Curator of “One Environment”

Curator of House 33

Maker Librarian, Maker Library Network